Bertrand Grégoire

Bertrand Grégoire is a designer. He graduated from the Fine Arts School in Toulouse. At the beginning of his career he created the design office I.D.forme. He is the administrator of the Midi Pyrenees Design Centre in France… In 2008, he received the Gold Award of the Medical Design Excellence Awards in New York.

Today he is in charge of the design for the Etienne Lacroix Pyrotechnie group, and he also teaches in various applied arts and engineering schools.

In the lineage of the ready-made, he deals with humour with current issues, by combining recycling and creation. His works confirm the legitimacy of recycling, a practice that represents, for him, the future. These figures seem to be idols erected around the black gold. They question us about our present and our future: will it be artistic, energetic or ethical?